Defence and Space

Arescosmo’s mission is to provide products and services aimed to grant protection and survival of Defence and Security Forces, as well as to support operations in space and on air and battlefield vehicles.
The main advantage is our proactive approach to product development and testing, conducted in close cooperation with the End Users thanks to the full governance on both the textile and rubber technologies.

The competence on modern technologies, the detailed knowledge of its products’ application and the quality of the manufacturing techniques allow the Defence Division to boast a portfolio of cutting-edge safety solutions.
Arescosmo, with its forty years experience in supplying the Defence Industry, has been selected as one of the prime contractors in the “FUTURE SOLDIER” Programme, dedicated to the modernization of the Italian Armed Forces.
Within the Programme, Arescosmo provides the End User with integrated personal protection systems.

Our CBRN protection equipment have been designed by using the latest materials to reduce weight whilst increasing the overall comfort during the operations and without compromising the protection performance.
At CBRN Military School of Rieti (ITA Army), tests have been made to certify the full compliance to protection requirements.

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