Safety System and technologies

BMD started its activities in 1994, bringing together the expertise gained by its founding members in multinational companies operating in the fields of filtration, safety equipment, and system integration for the industrial, aerospace, and military sectors. The focus of BMD is in the areas of filtration and protection, as well as the detection of CBRNe threats.

The main areas of operation are four:

CBRNE: Thanks to its expertise in the sector, BMD offers a complete range of portable, transportable, and fixed solutions for the detection and identification of unconventional agents and hazardous or illegal substances.

SPECIAL PROJECTS: Over the years, BMD has developed various special solutions aimed at supporting the needs of our Armed Forces, with the contribution of the internal R&D department experimenting with new technologies and participating in National and International Research and Development tenders.

SECURITY: BMD provides state-of-the-art systems for the detection, identification, and securing against possible threats (explosives, toxic substances, narcotics, etc.) through direct and indirect inspection of materials.

FILTRATION: Commercialization of base and impregnated activated carbons for various applications. Air and water filtration systems, personal protective devices. Activated carbons can treat a wide range of pollutants and are used in the treatment of both gaseous effluents and water. Based on the most innovative technology, our solutions for the four sectors are specifically designed for operators to act quickly in emergencies and adverse operational conditions.


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