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CAEN is one of the most important spin-offs of the Italian Nuclear Physics Research Institute, founded in Viareggio in 1979. CAEN designs and manufactures sophisticated electronic equipment for nuclear physics research and is today among the world’s leading companies in the field: there are several hundreds of thousand CAEN Low/High Voltage and data acquisition channels now working in all the most important Nuclear Physics Laboratories over the World. In the last years CAEN diversified its offer, extending its market, taking part into national and international programs and becoming a real “Innovation Company”. In this way CAEN joined to its core business new experiences in new fields such as the UHF RFID, the microelectronics, the aerospace applications, biomedicine, and homeland security.

CAEN is known today as the only company in the world able to offer, besides a complete range of power supply and data acquisition systems, a large choice of Front-End modules implemented using ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) developed inside the company itself. CAEN portfolio includes today more than 250 products, ranging from power supply systems to data acquisition boards and crates. Besides catalogue products CAEN offers custom solutions dedicated to the different customers’ needs.

The quality of its products is monitored during all the production cycle and guaranteed by the UNI-EN-ISO 9001:2000 certification.
In 2016 CAEN founded the division CAEN SyS (System and Spectroscopy) to take on the challenge to develop innovative products for nuclear safety and security, as well as other innovative projects concerning homeland security.

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