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The technological, industrial and institutional Cluster for the preparation, prevention and protection of the environment and the population from CBRN risks – Cluster CBRN-P3 – is a network involving institutional and industrial actors, together with the scientific community. The cluster focuses on prevention and protection of the citizens and the environment from CBRN risks.
In 2017 a meeting among the relevant stakeholders represented the starting point for cooperation which, following the European example, led to the creation of the CBRN-P3 Cluster, with the aim of gathering the available expertise, skills, and know-how in this field.

Download the full content of the document and the presentation:

CBRN-P3 Cluster Document_31.07.17

Presentation Cluster CBRN-P3 | 25-06-2018

Regulation 31 May 2019


The CBRN-P3 Cluster aims at:
1) being a credible stakeholder for the relevant institutions, as well as national and local interested authorities in charge.
2) promoting the participation of its’ members to European programmes and funding.
3) drawing the attention of the world of politics and of public opinion on the CBRN sector, therefore fostering a more sustained growth in the market of CBRN protection, prevention and emergency management.



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Technological, industrial and institutional CLUSTER in the field of preparation, prevention and protection of the environment and the population from CBRN risks.

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