“DSCTM-CNR” Department of Chemical Sciences and Molecular Technologies – National Research Council

The National Research Council, CNR is the largest public research institution in Italy, with more than 8,000 employees. Founded in 1923, CNR’s mission aims at performing research at national and international level, promoting innovation and competitiveness of the national industrial system, enhancing the internationalization of the national research system and providing technologies and solutions to emerging public and private needs.

Within CNR, the Department of Chemical Sciences and Molecular Technologies is composed by researchers and scientists active in research and development projects in strategic themes, such as Chemistry and Materials for Health and Life Sciences, Renewable Energy, Materials Chemistry and Technologies and Sustainable/Green Chemistry.

Several CNR scientists are directly involved in research programmes or in public and/or private collaborations focused on the design, implementation and set-up of novel systems for the prevention, protection and mitigation against CBRN-related threats. In particular, the specific know-how can cover topics such as the development of innovative devices for the decontamination of chemical agents, the study on apparatuses for the early detection of non-conventional hazardous materials, the optimization of enzymatic systems for the detoxification of contaminated areas, the advanced analysis of complex toxic agents. Some CNR research teams, in addition, take part actively in educational, training and awareness-raising programmes about the risk linked to the identification, handling, management and abatement of hazardous chemical compounds, organizing courses and didactical initiatives in Italy, Europe and extra-European countries.


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