A company of LEONARDO S.p.A

Larimart S.p.A., a company of LEONARDO S.p.A, within the “Future Soldier / Safe Soldier” program of the Italian Army supports LEONARDO with its expertise in the design and achievement of defense, security and emergency solutions and equipment.

LARIMART complies both Electronic Solutions and Personal Protection Solutions for the User for specific technical-operational needs, in the environment of Defense and Security use, by agree coordination with Customers and with Leonardo SpA. As Larimart, we constantly support the “End-Users” to ensure effective technical-system support in the phases of definition of requirements, execution of programs and the operational life of both protection and electronic systems, placing the safety and operation of resources at the center of our mind.

About the Soldier Equipment, we deal with the made in Italy production of bulletproof vests, CBRN protections, headphones / microphone, PTT, battery charger for SDR HH Evo, Intra Team Intercom, Hardware C2, which are electronic systems to support the soldier in military operations.

We also provide electronics equipment on board of special vehicles or Land Tactical Vehicles, specifically communication systems such as Intercom systems, or equipment helmets, or calculators, displays, peripherals and battery chargers. Another business segment is consisting of Command Posts, Naval Applications and Control Rooms, i.e. CLASS and UNCLASS client computers, centralization systems and user terminals, with voice recording.


Alessandro Pica

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