Electronic Engineering Research

METAPROJECTS private research body was founded in 2007 on the initiative of a group of engineers and professionals from the Bolognese industry. It mainly operates in research and technological innovation for electronic engineering. The advanced skills acquired in motion control, in sensors, in miniature GPS tracking systems for wildlife trackers, in radio frequency and IoT, were the basis for the implementation of the EXADRONE project in partnership with ENEA Centro Ricerche Brasimone.

In the new Automation and Control Laboratory at the ENEA Brasimone Research Center, mechatronics design relies on skills in technical physics, aerodynamic design with CFD simulation (Computational Fluid Dynamics), advanced electronic design, and SAPR (Remote Pilot Aircraft System) are created advanced for monitoring relevant structures in reinforced concrete and / or nuclear sites.

METAPROJECTS has been active since 2018 in the research and application of “metamaterials” for power radio frequency.

To achieve and support the research objectives METAPROJECTS carries out electronic design activities with predictive simulation, hardware – firmware and software development, product industrialization, certification support for some important multinational companies.

Reference contact:

Ing. Paolo Tassin

Tel. +39 339 60 277 38

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