Security and Freedom for Europe

SAFE (Security and Freedom for Europe) is a not-for-profit association aiming at promoting high-impact activities in the rule of law, security and governance sector, with a focus on European countries, Western Balkans and the Middle East. Its funding members include several individual specialists in the areas of rule of law, as well as institutions and companies working since over 25 years in the field of international development. Leveraging the expertise of its members, SAFE aims at building a multidisciplinary hub of in-house highly technical expertise which allows SAFE to operate with reduced overheads, guaranteeing best value for money for the implementation of no-profit actions.

SAFE implements strategic and operational projects leveraging our own resources and supporting other donors’ initiatives in the areas of security sector reform; defence, peace and stability; freedom and fundamental rights. As horizontal area of work, we support donors in the elaboration and implementation of innovative monitoring and evaluation schemes, outlining technical and social impact of their actions. In the frame of its activities, SAFE can count on the sectorial and geographical experience of its project group and consultants already cooperating with us in the Middle East and in European neighbouring countries in the field of security and rule of law, including on reduction of CBRN risk.


Andrea D’Angelo

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