Italian Joint NBC Defense School

The Italian Joint NBC Defense School is located at the “A. Verdirosi” barracks in Rieti.

The Institute represents the “Core for NBC Defence military matters” whose mission is to:

  • train personnel of Armed Forces, Armed Corps and other Agencies involved in the field of CBRN defence;
  • develop directives and operating procedures as well as provide advice and knowledge in the field of CBRN defence;
  • promote and host thematic conventions, seminars and conferences with the aim of increasing and updated the nation on issues related to CBRN defence;
  • maintaining relationships with Universities and Scientific Institutions for the development of teaching and updating on CBRN issues;
  • participate with own representatives to the NATO Working Groups dealing with CBRN issues.

The “NUBICH”(NUclear BIological, CHemical) training area, inside the former  “Ciuffelli” airport, includes many scenarios where to perform NBC practical activities and training. Moreover, the School supervises the CBRN Area Control Center (ACC), that is the management structure of the National Military Network for the Observation and Warning of CBRN events.

The Educational Syllabus includes:

  • on-line course (mandatory to attend residential courses);
  • CBRN basic courses;
  • CBRN courses for specialists;
  • cooperation programs with Universities.

Fill out the form for information and requests to the CBRNP3 cluster

Viale Libano 62, 00144 Rome

+39 123 456 7893