Decommissioning of nuclear facilities

Sogin is the Italian State owned company responsible for the decommissioning of Italian nuclear plants and the management of radioactive waste. Sogin is also in charge of the siting, designing, building and operating of the National Repository, an environmental surface facility for the safe long term storage and disposal of all radioactive waste: a right of Italian citizens and a need for the Country.

On the same site of the National Repository, a Technology Park will be created: a research centre and a creative environment, open to international cooperation, where innovations in the fields of nuclear decommissioning, radioactive waste management and sustainable development will be generate. Sogin is a company wholly owned by the Ministry of Economy and Finance and operates according to the Italian Government strategies. In addition to the Trino, Caorso, Latina and Garigliano nuclear power plants, and also to the nuclear fuel manufacturing plant of Bosco Marengo, Sogin is in charge of the decommissioning of the ENEA nuclear fuel cycle research plants: EUREX in Saluggia, OPEC and IPU in Casaccia and ITREC in Rotondella. The broad and successful know-how already part of its assets allows Sogin to operate abroad managing projects on nuclear decommissioning and waste management.


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