Tecnoalimenti is a no-profit knowledge integrator that designs and develops specific co-operations between scientific research and business in the food industry. As major leader in the EU in Research & Innovation for the market, Tecnoalimenti operates as a holding having set-up a corporate research network in which 31 member companies cooperate with public research centres and universities to perform innovation and research in the fields of agrifood, nutrition, environment, food safety and security by developing new technologies, new products and new visions. The strong focus on the market and on the research within the EU together with its industry approach, qualify TCA as a benchmark for development and innovation in the food & beverage.

In CBRN and Security area, Tecnoalimenti has actively led since over 8 years the agro-food working group in the Italian National Network of Security Research – SERIT, participating to the Strategic planning and to the National CBRNe Foresight related to the agro-food industry. Further, it is also member of the “TA6” CBRNe European working group, a participant of IMG-S meetings and a partner of the “CoU” network of DG Home, the European Community of Users in the field of Security.

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Marco Gerevini

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